Houston Wedding Band: Reasons To Consider A Professional Wedding Band 

It doesn't matter whether it is an engagement or a wedding, we all want it to be the biggest event of our life. This is our dream to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event. But how do you do that? How do you make your big day a memorable one? Worry not; we will help you in every possible way. It is essential to call the experts of The Pictures Band and listen to their expertise. If we start talking about music, it is always better to consider an optimistic band over a DJ. We all know that providing your family and friends with live dance and Houston wedding bands is the best way to fill them with excitement and cheeriness. Also, the music at your event must be personal; we are trying to say that it should relate to you and your family members. Let us suppose that your family belongs to a particular city, then the signature music must relate to that particular city. Yes, of course, every single song should increase your excitement. Let's continue reading the post and know the reasons to contact us for a band.  


Why should you contact our professionals? 

The unmatched atmosphere 

When we talk about a DJ, we talk about something that keeps you in mind with boom boom. That is the first reason to consider a live band because they provide you with an unmatchable atmosphere. Only the experienced professional knows a DJ will never be able to match the level of a live band. On the other hand, bands fill you with ultimate joy and happiness. When you have an event filled with professional musicians working together and playing with passion, your big day becomes an unforgettable experience. 

You can leave the music choices to the professionals 

After the unmatchable atmosphere, the next thing you are going to get is the professional music list. It is evident that it is your wedding, you want to enjoy this day, you don't want to worry about the music list or go to the band again and again and ask them to change the song. On the other hand, when you have professionals taking care of everything, they play the best music possible. As an experienced band, we keep getting high rating reviews from our clients, especially about the passion and music choice we show at the event.  

Audience interaction 

When it comes to music, you don't just want the songs playing around at the location; you want as much audience interaction as possible. It is all about the performance, the style professionals play with, and their passion for the audience. It is not easy to deal with a huge crowd; you need a long experience; it is an art, only the vital people know how to handle a crowd. Especially at weddings, where people are filled with laughter and enjoyment, they want something special to match their excitement.  

We go with the flow 

Another thing differentiating between an immature DJ and our professionals is that we know how to go with the flow. We understand what a wedding means for a person; the day is very special for everyone. That is why the San Antonio wedding band provides you with a flexible and supportive environment. A band must listen to the couple and try to fulfill their wishes as much as possible. We have seen uncountable cases where people complained about misbehavior and low passion their music system showed on their wedding.  

You can use the PA system  

We all know that weddings are incomplete without speeches and announcements; you will need the PA services to make an announcement, which we can provide you with. You can simply come to the band and ask our professionals to provide you the microphones; they will definitely listen to you and help you show your love in words. A lovely speech might seem like a normal thing, but trust us, it is something that the people present at the event will never forget for the rest of their lives. To claim all of these benefits, you can contact us whenever you want. 


As we talked about above, It doesn't matter whether it is an engagement or a wedding, we all want it to be the biggest event of our lives. This is our dream to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event. Houston wedding band will provide you with an unmatchable atmosphere, professional music choices, exceptional audience interaction, and the best memories possible.

Know The Key Benefits Of Hiring Live Wedding Reception Musicians! 

Wow! Your wedding day is nearby. So, are you all set to rock at your wedding? Or are you done with all the arrangements from your checklist? The wedding day is one of the most extraordinary and crucial days in everyone's life and making it more impressive with all the facilities is like adding a cherry to it. From choosing a unique wedding venue to arranging all decor work, also don't forget to hire wedding reception musicians.  

Regardless of whether you're arranging a wedding, a corporate occasion, or an occasion party, the music you pick assumes a huge part in the general visitor experience. Music impacts our feelings and prosperity. It can elevate spirits, raise energy levels, and cultivate a quiet feel. This can be the perfect touch for your unique day. Continue pursuing to perceive how your wedding can profit with a live music band. So, if you're here to know why you need to hire the best wedding band, make sure to learn about its benefits.  

Understanding The Pros Of Choosing A Live Music Band! 

Top-notch sound: As we know that a live band sounds better. However, musicians are well equipped with high-quality instruments, making people dance, listen to, and watch. However, suppose you're hiring a live music band for your wedding. In that case, you don't have to worry about the entertainment since a live band creates a fun, memorable experience for everyone gathered at your venue. 

It is an incorporating experience: For what reason do individuals go to shows instead of remaining at home and paying attention to the radio in their wraparounds? Performance. Individuals love paying attention to unrecorded music as well as seeing and feeling it. A band makes music become animated and transforms it into an encounter for some detects, not simply your ears. Similarly, many people are fond of live music, so make yourself comfortable so that your guest will enjoy your wedding. 

Look over a Collection of Styles: You have numerous alternatives to browse to make your ideal feeling. Assuming you need a more loose, formal tone, you might need a harpist, piano, or other options.  

Do you love jazz? Consider recruiting a jazz band including drums, piano, saxophone, upstanding bass, and trumpet. This can give your wedding a more novel encounter contrasted with different styles. 

Adds wow factor to your wedding: For what reason would you say you are going through all that difficulty of preparing your wedding down to the last dazzling subtlety if not to make it an inconceivably momentous occasion for you and everybody you admire? In case you're worried about what number of leaves you need each green filler's stem to contain, you'd need to put considerably more consideration into something as significant as the music and amusement for your wedding, wouldn't you? That is the reason having a live band is an exceptionally incredible choice. 

Unrecorded music is a joining experience: Live music can connect holes and join ages of individuals. You're continually going to have at least one age that isn't into what's being played. Yet, live music appears to get everybody past their preferences, regardless of whether the melody is distinct to a specific age. The fun of watching and paying attention to artists exceeds all that.

Now You're Ready To Choose The Best Musician For Your Wedding! 

Of course, as mentioned in this blog, a live music band will make your wedding more special & memorable than most couples want. So, if you're looking to hire professional, skilled, and flexible wedding reception musicians, make sure to visit The Pictures Band. We ensure that you and your guest get the full benefits of a live concert, and you can create long-lasting memories at your wedding.  

The Pictures Band is made up of genuine musicians who are dedicated to producing incredible sound. We are not a casual group of instrumentalists; we do shows all over Texas and perform collectively evenly. We're a natural, organic dance band!

6 Useful Tips To Book The Best Wedding Bands In Austin, TX 

It looks like your wedding date is just around the corner, and somehow, you forgot to book or consult with the best wedding bands in Austin, TX. Booking a wedding band is not an easy task, but it has to be done. A wedding, be it small or big, needs a band and may be a DJ if that’s not possible. Bands can bring in the light in your wedding – something a venue needs the most.  

You need to know that wedding isn’t just a family reunion; it is more complicated than that, and apparently bank breaker. There are many services you need to organize a whole reception party, and booking a band is one of them. Wedding day is hands down the most crucial day of your life; it is when your life shits to a different gear, where nothing is going to be certain, which makes people celebrate the day with utmost joy. 

Now, let’s get back to the topic. If you haven’t guessed it yet, booking a band requires you to be spontaneous with decision-making. There are chances that a band you’ve been eyeballing all this time will get booked for the same date of your wedding. Now that’s what you don’t want.  

Following are some tips that will definitely help you book a band of your preference:  

Be as quick as possible  

In order to avoid the “fully booked” banner, you’ve got to be quick with your actions while booking a wedding band in Austin. Think about the time of the year you are getting hitched. Most bands get booked on peak dates, especially summer weekends. Waiting to make the booking that late won’t be good, so please book them in advance.  

Ask for recommendations  

It’s time for you to rely on your social circle. Put the word out there on social media platforms, text friends, and be on the lookout for other people’s weddings. For instance, if you’ve been to a relative’s wedding and you liked their band, don’t forget to ask them about it.  

Go see a live show  

In case you have worked up a list of best live wedding bands, Austin, TX, it’s time for you to hear them in person. The only way to make a precise decision is to grab your partner, and make a romantic date night and take over that dance floor. Now the question is how to decide? Well, all you have to do is check out their stage presence, their interaction with the crowd, and obviously their sound. 

Is there room for live entertainment?  

Wedding entertainment is often overlooked, but still, it is proven to be the highlight of many weddings. However, it doesn’t come in cheap, so if you plan to make live entertainment “a thing” in your wedding, consider keeping aside some extra bucks.  

Do you want the band to perform your first dance?  

Most bands out there can perform your first dance but do make sure to check that it’s something they can do. Besides that, open up about the version of the song you want to dance to. You can also send the band a YouTube clip for reference. 

Don’t completely rely on the internet  

Even though the internet is a wonderful place to look for answers, it is most of the time misleading. A pleasing and intuitive-looking website of a band doesn’t mean they sound great live. Just because they are not socially active doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time. The bottom line is to examine the client reviews and choose accordingly carefully.    

In the End  

The aforementioned tips to hire the best wedding bands in Austin, TX, are tried and tested. So be sure to use them; you might end up choosing the most amazing band “ever.”


Wow, seems like the year had only just begun and it’s already almost Memorial Day! We’ve had an excellent eventful couple of weeks and hope that everyone is doing well and hasn’t gotten washed away by all the crazy rain we’ve been experiencing! (and expecting more this week - my plants are super happy, but everyone else is pretty much over it as far as I can tell - haha!) Thursday the 2nd we headed down to the Yacht Club right on the water in Corpus Christi for the annual Kingsman party. Oh, my gosh - those young ladies and gentlemen feasted on shrimp and tenderloin and danced their butts off until past 2 AM. It was a wonderful night and so fun to be in CC for the annual Buc Days Carnival! Saturday the 4th, we were fortunate enough to be close to home at the Vineyards at Chappell Hill tucked away far south of Austin for the Moorman/Woods wedding - Josh asked us to surprise Heather with a song, so instead of ‘Hey Jude’ for their first dance, we learned and played ‘She’s Like Texas’ by Josh Abbott band and she was so thrilled!! Great crowd - high energy and lots of new friends! Speaking of tucked away in south Austin, that Sunday’s event was an intimate wedding at the gorgeous Green Pastures property on Live Oak right off of the Historical South Congress Avenue. The bride and groom and their guests were absolutely hilarious; had some special guest dancers, glow sticks, and an impromptu family battle with pool noodles! Definitely not something we see every week LOL. But wait, there’s more!! This past weekend we spent Friday at the JW Marriott in SA at a giant party for Planet Fitness where we welcomed our friend TJ Martin for an evening of Country/Western music in our best hats and cowboy boots; then Saturday we boot-scooted on over to the stunning sculpture garden at Laguna Gloria for another awesome high-energy wedding reception - thanks much and congrats to Chris and Mallory Farr - we wish y’all the best (and we also play Anniversaries! - haha) This coming week brings us back to the stellar (literally!) patio under the stars at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse with a beautiful view of Lake Travis and all the excellent steaks and seafood you can eat! Make reservations now, last event there was completely sold out! We’ll keep you updated on further developments; hopefully we’ll be coming back to Steiner soon and we’re working on more public venues for friends, family, fans, and future clients so stay tuned and stay dry!!